The Joy of I Do was born out of my appreciation for the finer details in weddings I have been involved in with my family.  As a mother of three daughters I know how valuable it is to have someone to share the bride's vision and make it happen.  I especially find it invaluable to have someone to depend on to set up and break down the rental items.  

I have several pieces that can be customized just for you.  For example, on the direction sign top board I will hand letter the bride and groom's name and add something uniquely yours.  For my daughters I painted flowers to match her invitation.  I have 3 vintage doors with glass panels which can be customized any way you like, such as family wedding photos of past generations, seating charts, or anything you can imagine to be unique for your event.  

Our last daughter's wedding took place at Allandale Mansion in Kingsport.  For the reception, I custom made the draping that was used in the Allandale Pavilion.  It is based on 12 foot center beams so it may be usable at other venues as that is a standard build beam placement.  When making it we took it there several times for fittings, so I thought I had an idea of what it would look like.  Come wedding day I didn't see it until entering the reception and I must say it took my breath away when combined with all the other elements of the decor!  

We made our farmhouse tables in 2015.  When looking at the other ones available we decided to make ours 9 foot long to seat 8 people (possible 10 if using the ends).  The industry standard is 8 foot for 8 people giving everyone 2 foot seating space.  This usually seemed crowded so we added the extra length to ours for comfortable seating space.  Over one and a half years I collected mismatched vintage china.  We have over 200 dinner plates, salad and dessert plates and even platters and serving bowls if you host a family style event. 

We are also available for showers, rehearsal dinners, anniversary parties, birthday parties or any other event you want to plan.  

My husband and I are retired and will not book over 1 wedding per weekend.  Please reserve early.